Self Defense Seminar

Not sure if Krav Maga is right for you? Join us for a free introductory one-hour class. Our Self Defense Seminar will provide you with an overview of the Krav Maga system and teach you some very basic techniques that you can use right away. We know that one class isn’t always the best way to know if you are ready to commit to a program. So, you are welcome to come back as often as you like for the next seven days following your first class to try out our Basics of Self Defense class for free. If you like what you see, you can join our 12-Week program.

Basics of Self Defense (12 Weeks)

This 12-week program is designed to teach the basis techniques of Krav Maga. At the end of three months, you will be equipped to defend yourself in most life-threatening situations. This course is a three-month commitment at $150/month (total cost for the program: $450). Graduates of our 12-Week program will receive their first Krav Maga belt and are eligible for our Level 1 Training Program.

Level 1 Training

Level 1 Training is available four nights per week and on Saturdays. This training is a 9- or 12-month program with a two-times-per-week commitment. The program builds on the basic skills of Krav Maga defense and enhances your ability to defend yourself in any situation. The cost of the program is $129/month, with a minimum six-month commitment. You may choose a regular class schedule, or, if you need more flexibility, check in for any of our Level 1 classes up to one hour before the class.

Higher Level Training

After our students have completed at least 9 months of training twice per week, they may be eligible, at the instructor’s discretion, to move to Level 2 Training. This level of training continues to build on Krav Maga techniques already learned at the basic and first training levels and offers graduation to the blue belt level, which will enable you to become a Certified Krav Maga Instructor. The cost for Level 2 Training is $129/month with a minimum nine-month commitment.